Construction engineering expert witnesses may be invaluable factors for many different lawsuits, since the field refers to the many stages of engineering involved with civil engineering projects. Construction engineering expert consulting may provide essential information for cases involving such areas as construction management, renovation projects, marine engineering, engineering management, mechanical engineering, general contracting, structural engineering, traffic engineering, geotechnical engineering, project management, architecture, accessibility, safety engineering, and other related areas of civil engineering, as each of these issues may become relevant in the event of litigation focusing on construction engineering.

Construction engineering expert witnesses are experienced with the building of infrastructure projects, such as bridges, railroads, highways, airports, commercial buildings, business buildings, wastewater treatment facilities, plumbing, drainage and sewage systems, electrical engineering projects, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and other structures built with the purpose of providing civil services to the surrounding public, whether it is for traffic, buildings, or utilities.

As with any type of construction field, however, construction engineering expert witnesses may be asked to provide an expert opinion after a construction defect has been found during a building inspection. Other lawsuits related to construction engineering may involve construction scheduling, contract disputes, problems with project management, construction contracts, lost profits, or violations in building code compliance, as well as numerous other types of construction claims.

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